Current keys

4096R 9C73 FCE4 DA6A 660F B5F3 1E55 1A59 5D15 358A 56A6
- Created on June 15, 2013. This is my primary key.
This form will generate an encrypted message using the public key above which you can then send to me securely in an email.

Old keys

4096R 11E8 4B05 68CD 4D95 8AAD 4A4C AD8F 216A E3EA CAE6
- Created on June 22, 2011. Still in use, but it will soon be revoked and superseded by 358A56A6.

1024D BAC0 89AC BF8B CF7F CEC7 1FC0 2C58 E9FC 941E EF8D
- Created on August 25, 2007. Revoked and superseded by E3EACAE6 on June 22, 2011.